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When one thinks of a lawyer, most imagine the television kind. The Atticus Finches, the Perry Masons, the Jack McCoys. Those guys are not your behind-the-desk, paper shuffling types.

They are trial lawyers.
And they do exist in real life, though it is not as easy as it looks on TV.

Trial lawyers are a special breed who think quickly on their feet, who can break down a situation and a person in real time. Of course, they only get to the breaking the witness point by first breaking down the mountains of information lurking in the background of any legal battle.

The laweyrs we’ve gathered here on Best Lawyer IN USA are giants in the courtroom. Their peers are in awe of how they operate, and their reputation brings them the best, most complicated, bet-the-company cases.


June 3rd, 2020|0 Ratings

Were You Injured On The Job In Orlando or Central Florida? Being injured on the job happens to thousands of people each year in Florida. The Florida Workers’ Compensation law fills the lost income gap [...]

Frank Butler

June 3rd, 2020|0 Ratings

Frank Butler is one of Florida’s most experienced maritime injury attorneys. He can help you with representation related to maritime injury and death cases. 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW: If your claim is a [...]


June 3rd, 2020|0 Ratings

Serving Tampa Bay and Surrounding Areas When dealing with family law disputes, life can be overwhelming. We solve the critical problems each client faces under these circumstances. We handle your case effectively, aggressively and with [...]

The Kimbrel Law Firm

June 3rd, 2020|0 Ratings

ATLANTA, GEORGIA TRAFFIC TICKET LAWYER The Kimbrel Law Firm specializes in fighting traffic tickets and related violations. We have a 99% success rate. Our attorneys attend traffic court regularly throughout metro Atlanta. We deal with many solicitors and [...]

Don Matson

June 3rd, 2020|0 Ratings

Criminal Defense Attorney in Pasadena,CA Aggressive criminal defense of felony, misdemeanor, infraction, and administrative actions, including: DMV hearings License suspensions Expungements Failures to appear Warrants Traffic matters Covering all courthouses in Los Angeles County, Riverside, [...]