Were You Injured On The Job In Orlando or Central Florida?

Being injured on the job happens to thousands of people each year in Florida. The Florida Workers’ Compensation law fills the lost income gap for injured workers once they are approved for medical and compensation benefits. Marshall Adler helps injured workers get prompt approval to receive these important benefits. Our law firm is headed by Attorney Marshall S. Adler, an attorney who is widely recognized for his knowledge and skill in this area of law. He has helped thousands of Florida workers obtain the Workers’ Compensation benefits they were entitled to receive. Obtaining benefits can be a slow and confusing process for an injured worker, but we are ready to help injured workers obtain Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Orlando History Of Orland Workers’ Injuries

Work Is Often Halted After Worker Injuries

Orlando is popular with growing industries and was mentioned along with Tampa, Florida as one of the fastest growing cities in America. The population had grown last year upwards of 60,000 people and the economy is expected to keep growing.

Growth means that we often see contruction on our travels through the various cities.  While this may ultimiately be great for the future economies of the cities we venture through, contruction workers are the cornerstone of building these sites and they are quite often at the center of very dangerious jobs.

As seen in local news reports, work is often put on hold in situations where a worker has been injured as was the case in a recent contruction accident in Orlando in which a worker was fatally injured.


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