Scott Cerbin Criminal Defense.

I am attorney Scott G. Cerbin, Esq., and for more than 15 years, I have been representing individuals facing criminal charges. I am committed to creating trusting relationships with my clients. As an active trial attorney, I do not hesitate to take my cases as far as they need to go to serve my clients’ best [...]

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Sean A. Casey

When Bad Things Happen To Good People, Our Firm Will Provide The Legal Help Needed Employer Retaliation Employment Discrimination Racial Discrimination Pregnancy Discrimination And Sex Discrimination Age Discrimination Mediation Workers’ Compensation How To Appeal A Workers’ Compensation Denial How To Apply For Workers’ Compensation Wrongful Termination ATTORNEY SEAN A. CASEY LEVELS THE PLAYING FIELD As [...]

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North Bergen, New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer

North Bergen, New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer Effective Debt Relief Solutions for Consumers in Bergen County and Hudson County Are you struggling to cope with overwhelming debt and don’t know where to turn? You’re not alone. In the age of COVID-19, people from all walks of life and income brackets are finding it difficult to make ends [...]

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For nearly 30 years, Stephen Caplan has successfully fought for the rights of Declaring Bankruptcy in Orlando, Caplan Bankruptcy helps individuals throughout Central Florida with a dedicated Law practice. This experience empowers our team to expertly guide you through each and every step of your journey. The strength that comes from our experience is known both inside [...]

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Buchholz Family Law

Family Law Attorney in Tampa serving all of Hillsborough County and surrounding communities   For nearly two decades, Buchholz Family Law has been providing compassionate counsel and effective representation for people dealing with a wide range of family conflicts. We have built a solid reputation in the Tampa Bay area as a full-service family law firm committed to [...]

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Brooklyn Family Lawyer for Divorce

A top rated attorney on, Ms. Brown has responded to more than 9,000 litigant questions and has enjoyed a “Superb” reputation for more than five years. Leveraging the convenience and accessibility of technology by providing instant access to legal answers and support. Our firm helps you document the most important information about your legal [...]

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Mark Cossuto – Brooklyn DWI Lawyer

Mark S. Cossuto is one of the most highly sought after DWI defense attorneys in New York City. His stellar reputation for delivering favorable outcomes for his clients has enabled him to build a law practice based almost entirely on referrals. His clients appreciate his compassionate yet tenacious approach when tackling a DWI charge. Whether [...]

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Providing Effective Debt Relief Solutions for Consumers in all Five Boroughs Are you struggling to make ends meet in New York? Whether due to the coronavirus pandemic,  or some other unforeseen event or life circumstance, you’re not alone. The economic uncertainty of the times has put a tremendous financial strain on households of every income [...]

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Eastern Shore General Criminal Defense

Defending the Criminally Accused in Dorchester, Talbot, Baltimore, Wicomico County, Ocean City, Worcester, and Somerset Counties on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Are You Facing Charges? Have you or a loved one been arrested or charged with a crime on the Eastern Shore of Maryland? If so, you must act now to protect your rights. It’s time [...]

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The Bourlon Law Firm

During this difficult time we are offering flexible payment plans. There is no need to wait until your job resumes to seek effective legal representation. We are currently helping those affected by the Coronavirus including for such matters as:  Family Law (and divorce), Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Financial Matters. We are able to help [...]

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