A native of Talladega County, Alabama, John T. Stamps III, or Ivan as his friends and family know him, is the son of John T. Stamps, Jr. Alabama and Georgia Law Firmof Alpine, Alabama, and Doris Cole Stamps of Bessemer, Alabama. Mr. Stamps graduated from Winterboro High School in 1988 where he excelled academically.   Not only was Mr. Stamps one of the top students in his class, he was recognized nationally as one of the country’s top students.  Mr. Stamps even accomplished a goal he set for himself in elementary school when he was accepted into several Ivy League universities, including Harvard University.  One of Mr. Stamps’ greatest disappointments in life was not being able to attend Harvard University due to financial considerations.

Mr. Stamps enrolled in the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa after completing high school.  However, his first attempt at the collegiate experience was not as successful as his high school experience.  After failing to assert himself academically and succumbing to the temptations that ensnare many African-American males, Mr. Stamps withdrew from school in 1993 and tried his hand at a sales career.  Although a career in sales was not one of Mr. Stamps’ original goals, the experience he gained proved to be invaluable to his later success in his law career. A sales background provided him with a solid grasp of entrepreneurship and commercial relations as well as a keen understanding of the rewards and difficulties of operating a business.